Mac A Novel Romance Collection - August 2014

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This month be prepared to be whisked away on a romantic voyage with Mac's new collection, A Novel Romance. With corsets, dramatic manis, and juicy lips be prepared to lure in some hunky muscles! 

This collection will be released on August 14th online and then August 21st at stores and counters. It really is the perfect transition collection with it's deeper shades pared with brights. It reminds me of a summer night...

I personally can't wait to get my hands on the "An Amorous Adventure" quad. I love the mix of colors and think they would help create perfect summer into fall transition looks. I love the steal blue and rosey taupe, simply gorgeous! Check it out below in the top left corner!

** Looking for a new read? Check out this author... Lynne St. James. She is up and coming and the first book in her sexy rocker series will be released August12th! 


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