50 Shades of Grey Hair

7:00:00 AM

So you may have seen the first photo below in my weekly love/wish list this week... I have been crazy for charcoal and silver hair for a while now. Basically since I saw Pink with it, I was in awe. Then we all saw Kelly Osbourne take the plunge and now, it's everywhere. The stunning cool silver tones are just gorgeous. I am strange in the way that I don't like my hair clashing with my makeup or clothing. If I have red hair at the time, I will not wear purple. If I have black hair or brown, I feel I can wear anything and be fine. I love raven black hair, it just pops and it's so shiny. This grey color that is trending now really spoke to me because it's like black but lighter and just different. It really is striking if taken care of. 

So what do you guys think? To go grey or not to go grey?

kelly and a couple girls off instagram


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