Mac An Amorous Adventure Palette

7:00:00 AM

The Shades:

Sable - Shimmering Copper
Sex & The Oyster - Shimmery Iridescent Silver Blue
Brawn - Rosy Copper Shimmering Brown
Black Tied - Black with Silver Glitter

This gem is the perfect transitional palette from Summer to Fall. You have some copper with rose gold tones and then you have a black to smoke it up plus a gorgeous glimmering silver blue. The combination is eccentric and stunning. These are not colors I would think to put together in one palette but they all work so beautifully together. If you have blue eyes, you need this in your life! Every shadow is super pigmented and this makes me so happy since Mac's limited edition collections have been iffy in the palette department recently. Well this one lives up to the Mac name! The only thing I can say works against this is you will need a separate highlight shade because this palette does not have one included. Other than that, great job Mac!


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