Makeup Geek Las Vegas Collection - Pre Order Invite!

7:00:00 AM

Fall is slowly but surely making its way in and Makeup Geek is helping prepare its customers with a new collection. This Vegas collection is rich in tarnished golds and coppers reminiscent of the lights (and money!) of you guessed it, Las Vegas. I can't wait to get my hands on this! 

If you are new to Makeup Geek, I highly recommend her products. She has top notch eye shadows and has also just released blushes. Her prices are very affordable and most definitely worth every penny. 

The Makeup Geek Vegas Lights 6-eyeshadow Palette: $37.99
Individual Pigments $6.99 each
Makeup Geek Vegas Collection 5-Pigment Bundle – $33.99
The Complete Makeup Geek Collection (Palette plus 5-Pigment Bundle) – $69.99

Below find a link to get notified of the pre-order for this Las Vega Collection! 

just look at these colors! ugh... i can't wait!


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