Friday Favorite!

4:45:00 PM

Every Friday I plan on talking about a favorite product from my week whether it be an eyeliner, lotion, book, etc. I thought it would be a great way to do a quick share with you guys on products that I find and love that may not fit into another post I am writing.

The star this week was a sample of the Diorshow Extase Mascara. I had a small tube that I received as a sample from Sephora and hadn't tried. One of my goals for this year is to declutter and get rid of things I don't have a use for. That means makeup too... so I cleaned out my sample drawer and grabbed a couple mascaras I found in there to test out before they were old and dried up.

FYI, I do like long, thick, and as some people would say "spidery" lashes. Everybody has their own taste so I know this isn't everyone's thing... but for me it works and it is how I feel comfortable. Mascara is also something that takes priority in my makeup routine. If I only have time to put on one thing it will be mascara no question.

Anyway... I find the formula to be of a velvety texture. It is thick but glides and sticks to my lashes beautifully while building intense volume and length. It is a lovely rich shade of black. The brush is a strange shape that to be honest I would never have thought would have worked like it did. I have attached a picture below so you can see what I mean. It is a twisted shape. I think the twist makes the brush grab every individual lash more than a straight brush because with each swipe it can grab from all different directions.

I like to layer my mascara so this morning when I used it I think I had counted maybe 3-4 coats of this on my lashes. The brush does separate the lashes so as you layer it gives that feathery effect instead of clumping them all together and just forming a muddy mess. The way I apply my mascara is this... I apply to the top lashes on the right eye then move to the left eye and do the top lashes on that one and go back and forth until I am happy with the length, volume, and curl. This gives each layer a little time to set so the next layer can build/stick better.

please excuse my brows and undereye area... I was in a rush. 

As the formula dries on my lashes it stays soft and flexible and does not flake off throughout the day. It does also hold a nice curl. I have yet to try it out with an eyelash curler because I seldom use them to begin with. I really want to try and include an eyelash curler in my routine so I can see if it makes a difference in how long my lashes look. I'll keep you posted on that.

This is a luxury mascara so it is on the expensive side (about $30). My thought is if I find a product I really really really like and it lasts etc. then it is worth spending the extra money instead of in the end spending the same amount on 4 tubes of a cheaper brand because it dried out or something quicker then the expensive one.

In my opinion, so far it is worth a splurge and I plan on purchasing the full size when the sample is empty. Time will tell if I decide to repurchase again after that as I like to play with different mascaras all the time and experiment. But I do have a few mascaras that I go back to over and over because they are just amazing.


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