Friday Favorite!

8:00:00 AM

This stuff is no joke! I have never used anything like it before so maybe that is why it is so cool to me but I think you guys will love it.

It is a gel consistency with a light clean ( a little citrus) scent and you put a thin layer all over your face (not your eyes or lips), wait about 10-15 seconds and start massaging your face small circular motions. You will feel the dead skin just coming off in your hand. It is SO cool! When you are done just tissue off and rinse for a glowing complexion ready for the world!

I wouldn't use this everyday but maybe twice a week. I think it will be great in the summer too.

This is what their website says about it:

  • You can't beat a luxurious buff and polish to prime your skin for optimum moisturizing and send dead skins cells on their way.
  • This fabulous exfoliate is gentle enough to be used on your face or any place you have dry or dull skin.
  • We use papaya and pineapple enzymes (instead of harsh scrubs and chemicals), our exclusive comfort blend of antioxidants, aloe vera, vitamins C,A, E+ and a dose of TLC to ensure your skin glows.
  • Did you know, you can also use our exfoliate for a weekly manicure and pedicure!

European Wax Center - The Exfoliate

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