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Getting naked has never had so many options until Urban Decay released their highly popular Naked palette back in 2010. It's now four years later and we still love being naked!

Urban Decay followed the release of the Naked palette with Naked 2, a foundation, powder, BB cream, luminizer, blush palette, Naked Basics (amazing!), eyeliners to go with each palette, and now the Naked 3 palette with all of it's rosy "cheek" glory. ;)

For those of you who haven't heard of these or you have but haven't had the chance to look into them, this is for you!

Each palette has its share of shimmers but also a few mattes (great for blending) and have at least one pale highlighting shade and a deep shade for lining and/or adding depth.

Naked - The original. This palette is more bronzed than the others but it does include a highly pigmented steel shade. I find it to be more warm toned overall. A lovely collection of shades to go from day at the office to night on the town and from smokey to sweet.

Naked2 - The cooler cutie. This lady has the same effects as the original but in a cooler section of town. She can go smokey or subtle but with shades more on the pewter side than bronze. But don't get me wrong she does still have some warmer shades like Half Baked (which is also included in Naked).

Naked3 - Rosy and seductive, Naked3 has a gorgeous range of pink neutrals. This is absolutely stunning on blue eyed beauties! The colors range from a matte ivory to a shimmering blackened plum.

Naked Basics - One of the best basic palettes I've ever come across. Retailing at $27.00 this is a real steal. I go no where without my basics palette. A collection of mattes ranging from a buttery ivory to a deeply pigmented blackish brown this palette is the epitome of classic.


Naked Basics* 




They are expensive, retailing at about $50 a piece so if you are questioning whether or not you "need" all of these I would definitely go to Sephora or Ulta and do some swatching. See what fits your skintone best and which palette you think would be the most useful or different from what you already own. I find I use each of these just as much as the other. They are great for travel because you have a variety of shades and looks at your fingertips (or brush tips). They even all come with a brush as well (except for the basics).

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