Friday Favorite!

6:00:00 AM

It's been a while since I posted about a Friday fave and this week, it's a long time love of mine. I find myself always going back to this product.

BareMineral's Original Foundation is a powder. It's light textured but offers a great amount of coverage if needed. It's definitely buildable. When I use this as my foundation I like to apply my face moisturizer, my Garnier BB Cream, and then this powder. It gives my complexion a super flawless finish but doesn't look cakey in any way.

I never find myself breaking out from this formula and I love that the original formulation has the glowy minerals in it. They aren't necessarily glitter but more of a super super fine "shimmer" but that might not even be the right word. The finish is glowy and never flat. I love the finish. They have a matte formula as well but for my drier skin the original is perfect. But it all depends on if you like a little shine or you prefer matte. The shade I use is fairly light.

Find it here and here in the deluxe limited edition size.


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