OCC Cream Color Concentrate - John Doe, Trick, and Dark Matter

6:00:00 AM

Cream color products can come in very handy and are so versatile. You can use them on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. I especially love these types of products around Halloween for use in costume makeup and in the Summer for a quick sweep of color. 

OCC's Cream Color Concentrates are great additions to any makeup lovers collection. They are creamy and apply like silk. There is a range of 18 different colors ranging from pure white to the deepest black. They retail for $20 each and can be purchased here and at sephora.com.

The three colors I own are John Doe a pale grey taupe, Trick a warm rusted beige, and Dark Matter a dark green grey. All three are equally pigmented as you can see below...

John Doe, Trick, Dark Matter


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