Mac Brooke Shields Bronzer - Scone

7:08:00 PM

Out of all the pieces from the Brooke Shield's Mac collection the only one that really called to me was the bronzer in Scone. It looked like the perfect amount of warmth and I was right. 

Scone is a medium peachy beige with an almost reddish tint in the pan but when applied it brings out the brown you would expect from a bronzer. I don't think it would work as a bronzer on deeper complexions as it's subtle, though it is buildable so you might want to try this out in person if possible. The complexion that would find this most useful would be fair to medium light in my opinion. 

I love the healthy color it adds to my face. This will definitely be a favorite for the cooler months when my skin is on the even fairer side. Find this beauty here

blended and heavily swatched

BH Cosmetics Halloween

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