Becca Wild Honey Blush

6:00:00 AM

Becca has really created a fantastic product here with their blush in Wild Honey. Spear describes the shade as a peachy nude and I would say that is pretty accurate. It is perfect for adding warmth and a glow to my skin without needing a bronzer. This is great for all year long, in the Summer when you want that sun kissed look and then even in the winter when you need some color put back into your skin. It is definitely a "wake me up" kind of product. I feel like it adds life to my look and I don't see myself ever being without this. It would also say it's like a super pigmented Kat Von D blush in the shade Wish. The two are kind of similar but Kat's blush is much more subtle and less red. They both give me the same effect I've been looking for, a nude glow. 

Find Wild Honey here!

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